“You only live once so think twice.” Some students might decide to pursue bachelor in accounting once they complete their secondary or high school. If anyone asks them, “Why do you choose accounting degree?” I’m pretty sure some of them will say they love maths or calculations as their reason. Before I write more, I […]


Why I love Babies so much

Who does not love babies, right? If you don’t love babies something is wrong with you, I guess. I really love to bite babies’ soft toes, little sweaty fingers and chubby cheeks. They are so cute and adorable. I love twin babies more. These are some reasons why I adore babies so much. They laugh, […]

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March Up To University Life

  Most of my friends asked me many questions about university life since they are going to pursue their studies this coming September. Some people really feel nervous when they think about starting university. Don’t worry, you’ll be just fine. Since I’m done with my first-year degree, I think I can answer some of the […]

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Best Unplanned Goals Of Mine

  Hey! It’s already August and we are officially over half way through the year. Also, I turned 20 in this year. I don’t really set any New Year goals or revolutions for 2017. When, I usually set my goas, most of the time I fail to achieve them. So, this year I just follow […]

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